With the world slowing down, it’s easy to slip into a routine that is drastically different than what we all once knew. However, with our state reopening, times are forever changing!

Elite Therapy Center has REMAINED open! During this time, we have offered multiple options for therapy including:

  • Telehealth (therapy through the internet)
  • Onsite clinic visits with regulated social distancing and cleansing
  • Home visits (approved by insurance and available by therapist schedule)

As we face the re-entry, some of you might want to stay on track with your current situation. We FULLY SUPPORT the choices you make for your children and family. Just know, Elite Therapy Center is here to serve, treat, accommodate, and MORE!

With the summer season approaching, now is a good time to have your kids follow through with their well-checks and regular checkups.
In your experience with homeschooling, have you noticed areas of development that could use some strengthening and assistance?
Make an appointment with your family doctor or pediatrician. If you have concerns, it’s always best to check!

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Prepare for Summer

We can work and strengthen issues before the new school year begins with a referral from your doctor! It’s SO easy! If you have a question or concern, fill out our Therapy Request form and we will share it with your physician within 24 hours. Note they might want to see your child before referring but we will still make contact and share your concerns and request for therapy.