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Elite Therapy Center recognizes when you come to visit – it’s an experience for everyone including our patient. We work hard to make sure you are not only satisfied with your child’s care, but you are fully equipped and informed on what’s going on. We have created this parent portal to be a hub of great information as well as a place where you can submit any question you might have about  your child’s development, events happening within the current season, or news on therapy and insurance options.

Make a Payment

For your convenience, you can make payments directly online. Simply click on the button below and you will be directed to a payment portal where you can pay on a current invoice or pay a co-payment.

If you are a telehealth or home health patient, co-pays are due at the beginning of each therapy session. Click here to pay your co-pay and you will receive documentation for your own personal records.
Click to make an online payment to your account.

Parent Forms

Click to download important forms for you and your child. Our forms include NEW Patient Intake, Grants and Resources for financial and information application, and Elite Therapy Center’s Sick/Attendance Policy. If you are looking for additional financial assistance and grants, please visit our link below:

>> Update Insurance

>> Grants & Resources

>> Sick Policy

Milestone Checks

Many parents wonder if their child is “where they should be…” with words, communication, and general developmental milestones. Elite Therapy Center provides both Speech and Developmental milestones for children. If you have any concerns or are wondering if your child might need assistance, study these milestones and give us a call.

Elite Therapy Center is happy to work with you and your child’s physician to schedule an evaluation.

Speech   Motor

Need transportation assistance?

Please click to visit Texas Health and Human Services website to find contact phone numbers for each Medicaid insurance who can provide transportation assistance getting to-and-from therapy.

Find transportation to Elite Therapy Center



Request Therapy Services

Elite Therapy Center is a medically based model. In order to process your request for therapy services, your child must have a signed referral from a doctor. Please provide your child’s general practitioner or pediatrician in the information below. We will submit this request to the doctor and contact you when the referral has been received.

Elite Therapy Center Motor Labs

Elite Therapy Center Motor Labs

Motor Labs & Sensory Processing Seminars for YOU Kari McKown, MOT, and co-owner at Elite Therapy Center is pictured here with Baylor OT doctoral student, Bailey Smith (OTS), where they partnered with Valor Preparatory Academy to provide a free parent education...

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