Occupational Therapy (OT) puts the “fun” back into functional by providing skilled treatment to help infants, children or adolescents to perform functionally and to achieve/restore mobility at the highest level possible.


Occupational therapy practitioners work with children and young adults, from infancy through college, and their families to facilitate participation and independence. The American Occupational Therapists Association provides a fact sheet to provide information on occupational therapy’s role with a variety of conditions affecting children and families.

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COTA Gaby works with a child in the craft room

OTR Kaylen works using games and our large white board in Temple

OTR Stephanie works with a child in the large truck providing dials and buttons

COTA Kelsey works with a child on the swing with movement and instructions in Temple

OTR Kristen works with her client on a mural play mat in Temple

OTR Ashlea works with a child on a large activity peg board in Waco