Well Child VisitsREAL TALK PARENTS:  As summer comes to a close, we know about the “endless tasks” you’re trying to accomplish before the first day of school. No doubt dental visits, vision screenings, physicals, shopping for school supplies and finding that first day outfit are TOP OF THE LIST!

Are you wondering ‘how’  therapy is necessary and useful for your child after a summer break?

When visiting your child’s pediatrician or family doctor, here are three types of questions can you ask about therapy:


Occupational: Sensory

My child was online last year and is used to a very isolated and quiet environment in their room or at our house.
Q: How do I help them when they are back in a classroom where there are so many kids, sounds, and distractions?

My child doesn’t like to sit close to people or play in large groups.
Q: How do I help them adjust to the new busy room and groups of kids?

My child will only wear flip flops and no shirt.
Q: How do I help them get comfortable in wearing clothes or shoes for school?

My child does a lot of work on our iPad or computer but can’t hold a pencil very well.
Q: How can I help them write better?

My child will only eat food that is heated up.
Q: What’s a good solution when they are at school?

Speech: Communication and Learning

My child doesn’t have a lot of words and can’t communicate clearly.
Q: I know what they are saying, but what can I do to help them speak to their teacher?

My child has a lisp and I’m worried he’ll get made fun of.
Q: What can I do to help him?

My child isn’t comfortable speaking up and gets nervous to talk to teachers.
Q: How can I help them with words and confidence?

My child can’t say certain letters like ‘L’, ‘V’, or ‘R’ and I’m worried she’ll fall behind or be embarrassed if she has to read aloud.
Q: Can speech therapy at Elite Therapy Center help us with this?



Physical: Activity

My child got an injury this summer and I’m worried they won’t be better by school.
Q: How do I get this checked out?

My child isn’t strong and has trouble doing the physical activities like the kids in their class…
Q: Is there something wrong with their development?

My child is in ‘Individualized Education Program (IEP)’, but I am worried he needs more specialized physical activity than they provide.
Q: What are my options?

My child was injured playing a sport last year and we waited to see if it would heal. They still complain of pain.
Q: How do we fix it after so long?

If these questions hit home with you, know that Elite Therapy Center works directly with your child’s pediatrician, family doctor, or specialist to evaluate and create a customized treatment plan EXCLUSIVELY FOR THEM!

Whether your child is being seen for the first time or coming back for additional development; we want both you and your child to be confident in starting a NEW school year with strength and ability.

Ask your doctor to give you a referral to Elite Therapy Center today.

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