Summertime Elite

Finnley works with an Elite therapist to plant seeds! This sequential task requires following instructions, utilizes gross and fine motor skills to scoop dirt and plant seeds while also providing an array of sensory and tactile fun.

Many kids are excited it is summer, but did you ever stop and think about how the basic play of summer is a goldmine of motor and sensory activities that can boost those underlying skills kids NEED through play?

Elite Therapy Center speech, physical and occupational therapists help children and families maximize their summertime play while supporting their routines and continuation of learning. The Elite Therapy team not only works to make sure each child’s therapy is unique to their age and ability but also reaches goals to accomplish completing tasks, developing gross and fine motor skills, and encouraging growth of daily living skills.

Fun summertime examples can include gardening, building with blocks or LEGOs, working puzzles, and playing board games. These activities provide strategy, which instruct children with a task that develops the sequential performance of breaking down the task into smaller steps. While some children observe and readily reproduce the multi-stepped actions, others benefit from instruction of each discrete step in the process. If a child struggles to complete any of the steps of the task, or complete a series of steps, the therapist or caregiver may utilize different techniques tailored to suit each child’s learning style and ability to complete the task.

Summertime flies by fast and Elite Therapy Center speech, physical and occupational therapy teams serve and work with children to make sure they are ready for the days ahead. Follow Elite Therapy Center’s Parent Portal for articles and ideas on how to help your child use the summertime to grow!