Referrals for our services can be made by a parent or a physician.

Early intervention is essential and encourages the best level of success.  If you have any question at all, we encourage you to make a referral and have an evaluation completed.  The evaluation will provide you factual information and determine whether or not therapy services are needed.

Once a referral is made by either a parent or physician’s office, we initiate the process immediately. We strive to contact the parent or guardian of the referred child within 24 hours to obtain the necessary information and set up an evaluation as soon as possible. During this process, if you have questions, we have a team of associates ready to help you.

  • Call 254-399-8255 Waco, Gatesville and West Clinics
  • Call 254-899-8255 for our Temple and Killeen Clinics

You can download a copy of our referral form and common diagnosis codes below. These documents are in PDF format and can be printed and faxed to our office at 254-235-3408.