Our youngest son has been with Elite for a couple years now. He is there for speech therapy now.
His therapist was Mike Hasan. Mike has been awesome. From their first meeting Mike was able to build a great report with my son. He was able to identify with him in way that impressed me beyond measure. For the year and a half that we were with Mike the improvement in our sons ability to speak and articulate complete thoughts was nothing short of miraculous.

Our son’s extreme overbite is one of the main causes of his inability to form sounds and words. It became frustrating for him and he would effectively shut down. Mike was able to emphasize and work through those moments and teach us as parents effective way to help and continue his therapy at home. The long and short of it is that Mike was able to improve his speech in an amazingly short amount of time and teach both our sons and us techniques that were effective.

I was sad to see that his path took him north to Dallas. But I also know he will be able to help countless children find their voice.

We’ve never had a bad therapist at Elite. Every one of them have an uncanny ability to identify with the kids they get and build amazing rapport and trust with their patient.

Our sons looks forward to his therapy there. To him it’s play. He enjoys learning and developing there. Then enjoys telling us about his success. Not that he needs to because we see the improvement every week.
Mike Hasan most assuredly set the bar high. He’s goal oriented and strives to achieve those goals. He is able to set realistic goals and motivate our sons to achieve those goals then share and celebrate those victories in a way that our sons wants to set more goals and celebrate the next milestone.

I am impressed with the enthusiasm which all the therapist at Elite demonstrate and Mike is in the top tier. The progress made with our son is irreplaceable and I am grateful.