We were very discouraged when our 14 year old daughter began experiencing pain after having made the Varsity Tennis team as a freshman. She had worked so hard to earn this spot and had so much on the horizon; we were wondering how to help her carry on. The Elite Therapy Center PT team did a great job working with our family doctor, Dr. Chris Grant, at Scott & White. She came in for an evaluation to reveal the damage wasn’t permanent but if she worked to correct things – she’d carry on strong!

Upon finishing 8 weeks of physical therapy with Kimmy DeWItt and Sarah Calaway, she was free of pain and no longer using a brace! Kimmy helped her strengthen muscles and areas of her body that healed her knee stress. My high school daughter isn’t one to trust easily but she built a wonderful relationship with this team! She finished her therapy and constantly shares how much she misses them. Encouragement is KEY and they delivered every time!

We are so grateful for the level of expertise and care that Kimmy and Sarah provided and used to educate our daughter. She will use this therapy for a lifetime and is already carrying on strong into her now sophomore year (with many to come). From a mother’s heart, thank you for helping my child by building her confidence, showing her techniques and methods to strengthen her, and help her continue on a journey of success and adventure in tennis. #JourneyElite