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Elite Therapy Center recognizes when you come to visit – it’s an experience for everyone including our patient. We work hard to make sure you are not only satisfied with your child’s care, but you are fully equipped and informed on what’s going on. We have created this parent portal to be a hub of great information as well as a place where you can submit any question you might have about  your child’s development, events happening within the current season, or news on therapy and insurance options.

Many parents wonder if their child is “where they should be…” with words, communication, and general developmental milestones. Elite Therapy Center provides wonderful resources on this website sharing both Speech and Developmental milestones for children.

It’s always best to check!

If you have any concerns or are wondering if your child might need assistance, study these milestones and give us a call. Elite Therapy Center is happy to work with you and your child’s physician to schedule an evaluation.

Speech   Motor


Request Therapy Services

Elite Therapy Center is a medically based model. In order to process your request for therapy services, your child must have a signed referral from a doctor. Please provide your child’s general practitioner or pediatrician in the information below. We will submit this request to the doctor and contact you when the referral has been received.


VitalStim® Conference

VitalStim® Conference

See clinical practice and training for VitalStim® at Elite Therapy Center Waco by CIAO Seminars. Friday-Saturday, November 8-9, 2019 Elite Therapy Center recently hosted a specialized conference by CIAO Conference, VitalStim®. Held at our Waco, TX Pediatric clinic...

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New Temple Location

  We are moving! Our new clinic is located just around the corner from our current space. Easily accessible and viewable from the Midway access road, our new space is larger and our current staff is thrilled to be continuing our quality Elite Therapy services for your...

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Temple Clinic Updates

Temple Clinic Updates

ATTENTION TEMPLE CLIENTS: The Midway exit heading BOTH northbound AND southbound on I-35 has been closed. Please be mindful to take an earlier exit for Midway Dr. and stay on the access road till you reach Twin Cities Blvd. Our rear parking lot has been...

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Falling into new schedules

Falling into new schedules

Didn’t we just begin our summer break and summer routine?!  Many parents and families are asking this very question as summer closes and the new school year approaches. While kids are sad to see the summer end; parents are excited to see new schedules, structure, and...

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Summertime is Elite

Summertime is Elite

  Many kids are excited it is summer, but did you ever stop and think about how the basic play of summer is a goldmine of motor and sensory activities that can boost those underlying skills kids NEED through play? Elite Therapy Center speech, physical and...

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Our youngest son has been with Elite for a couple years now. He is there for speech therapy now.
His therapist was Mike Hasan. Mike has been awesome. From their first meeting Mike was able to build a great report with my son. He was able to identify with him in way that impressed… Read more “Our youngest son has been”

Brett E Davidson

Parent Forms

Click to download important forms for you and your child. Our forms include NEW Patient Intake and Attendance Policy. If you are looking for additional financial assistance and grants, please visit our link below:

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